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Do we know of any Bannon Italy connection? Because otherwise I don't think Italy would show up on anyone's radar. But in general there would be very little they could do without the whole US government system being behind it. Well they could send tanks to Frankfurt I suppose. Otherwise they could offer Fed support if the Fed was game or financial backing if Congress is onboard. None of this seems like it would play well to a domestic audience. For the congress case the Brandon faction would first have to capture the media narrative and redeclare the EU to the USSR-west. The only foreign country you can just hand money over in the US under normal circumstances is Israel. The Fed route is a bit more plausible but seems only relevant for small countries like Greece. The idea is that you could refuse to clear transactions from new GreeceCB but you can't really do so if they go over the US payment system. Though the logistics of this seem more complex than what I would credit the Trumpkins with. So in conclusion I don't think they can do all that much.
by generic on Mon Feb 6th, 2017 at 09:11:20 AM EST
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