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UK Issued a DA-Notice On My Diary Result

by Oui Wed May 2nd, 2018 at 08:05:02 AM EST

Well, at last some appreciation for my analysis ... thanking British Intelligence!

Just reflected on some articles that linked the Skripal Case in Salisbury to MI6 agent [deleted]. I wrote about [deleted] in January 2017 involved with Orbis Business Intelligence and Christopher Steele. The LinkedIn page of [deleted] has been erased. Many other bloggers have spun further and looked into this peculiar relationship and the campaign of British anti-Russia hysteria and propaganda.

In my diaries I mentioned [deleted] twice ...

British Intelligence Delivers Another 'Dodgy Dossier'
'Sir' Andrew Wood as spy chief in Moscow

Continued below the fold ...

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Completing the Neocon PNAC Project

by Oui Tue May 1st, 2018 at 02:29:47 PM EST

From multiple sources ... in 2001 Bibi Netanyahu tied al-Qaeda to Palestinian terror and intiated the Islamophic fever across the "Christian" Western world for Islamic extremism. In his "expert" advice he told U.S. Congress of Iraq's nuclear development and Saddam's reliance on Russian technology and ties to North Korea. Very smart, he did not mention the Islamic nuclear bomb developed by Pakistan's Khan under approval of the CIA to balance the Indian nuclear program on the Asian continent. Everyone knows the covert development of Israel's nuclear program with assistance of France to build the nuclear reactor at Dimona and the theft of critical designs from nuclear installations in the U.S. Just ask whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu ...

Nuclear whistleblower faces fresh charges, 30 years on

How Does One Say "We told You So!" in Hebrew? | Times of Israel |

It's taken several years for the Iraq War to be recognized as a geo-political catastrophe. From the moment the first observer noticed Iran's belligerent rise in power and influence after the Iraq invasion and connected the two, rightwing media figures acknowledged Iran's increased visibility dismissed any connection. But soon Iran's nuclear activities became a greater concern than ever.

It's taken several years for the Iraq War to be recognized as a geo-political catastrophe. From the moment the first observer noticed Iran's belligerent rise in power and influence after the Iraq invasion and connected the two, rightwing media figures acknowledged Iran's increased visibility dismissed any connection. But soon Iran's nuclear activities became a greater concern than ever.

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Netanyahu to Make Announcement on a Nuclear Iran

by Oui Mon Apr 30th, 2018 at 04:53:31 PM EST

Netanyahu to make 'significant' announcement on Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will deliver a speech at 8pm (local time) on Monday evening on a "significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran," according to the Prime Minister's Office.

No more details were given of the announcement, which will be made from the Kiryah military headquarters in Tel Aviv, according to a brief statement from Netanyahu's office.

 Netanyahu spoke by phone with US President Donald Trump over the weekend about Iran, according to the White House.

 A statement on Sunday said: "The two leaders discussed the continuing threats and challenges facing the Middle East region, especially the problems posed by the Iranian regime's destabilizing activities."

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Trump Bullying His Way to World Cup 2026

by Oui Sun Apr 29th, 2018 at 07:54:28 AM EST

At least Vladimir Putin bribes quietly the key figures within the FIFA organization ... [same as Qatar]

Donald Trump World Cup tweet targeting bid opponents shows 'cowboy mentality' | DW |

US President Donald Trump wrote a tweet late this week in which he indirectly attacked Morocco for applying to host the 2026 football World Cup -- a move that, in Trump's view, seems to be a provocation.

The United States is aiming to host the soccer tournament in 2026 and because of the aid it provides to other nations, Trump said other countries should not work against US aims.

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East-West Freedom of Press Under Attack

by Oui Sat Apr 28th, 2018 at 01:13:10 PM EST

World Press Freedom Index 2018: Europe turning into crisis region for journalists | DW |

The rise of populist politics in Europe has weakened press freedom in a region where it was once most secure, according to Reporters Without Borders. China, Russia and Donald Trump also pose threats to journalists.

Hostility toward journalists and media poses a serious threat to democracies around the world, including within Europe, the media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) announced in its 2018 World Press Freedom Index.

As a region, Europe still ranks the highest on RSF's index, but its rating also dropped more than that of any other region this year.

 « click for world map 2017
Populism on the rise and journalists used by politicians as targets of discontent for the masses

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Article 10 - Syrian Property Law

by Oui Thu Apr 26th, 2018 at 07:29:49 PM EST

Used in Israel in 1950 after the Nakba, the removal of Palestinians, and used in the 1980s in Beirut after the Civil War. Basically its purpose is to complete ethnic cleansing after a devastating conflict in a war zone.

As my brother was jailed in Dubai, left holding the bag, the Chicago mobster building constructors moved out to the green pastures of a booming Beirut, Lebanon.

10m Syrians at risk of forfeiting homes under new property law | The Guardian |

More than 10 million Syrians who have fled the country's raging war have been told to lay claim to their homes by early May or risk forfeiting them to the state.

A property law announced this month has raised widespread fears that Syrian citizens who have opposed Bashar al-Assad face permanent exile and that other people considered loyalists may be given access to their communities.

With the majority of internally displaced and overseas refugees unable or unwilling to return to prove ownership of properties, analysts and exiles say the law, known as article 10, and the tight timeframe surrounding it could serve as an instrument of demographic change and social engineering.

It has drawn parallels with laws enacted in Lebanon after the civil war to seize land in central Beirut, and the absentee property law in Israel in 1950 that legalised seizures from Palestinians driven from their lands.
The Syrian law empowers local administrations to re-register property ownership within their areas, a move that requires landowners to be present.

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Moreno Ocampo Files Lawsuit Against Qatar, Not Syria

by Oui Mon Apr 23rd, 2018 at 06:55:58 PM EST

Dutch lawyers and Moreno Ocampa preparing a lawsuit against Qatar to compensate damages inflicted by Al Nusra  | De Volkskrant |

 « click for more info

On behalf of a group of Syrian refugees, an international consortium of lawyers makes the state of Qatar liable for war damage done to the Syrians by terrorist group Al Nusra. According to the lawyers, Qatar is responsible because it financially supports the terrorist group. If it comes to a trial, it will be filed in the Netherlands.

Together with Luis Moreno Ocampo, the first prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, and former chief prosecutor David Crane of the Sierra Leone Tribunal, she is preparing a civil case against the state of Qatar.

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Cambridge Analytica Used 'Weapons-grade' Communications

by Oui Tue Apr 17th, 2018 at 07:29:31 PM EST

Related to Nazi Style Propaganda

Of course the United States sees Russia as the evil empire and our artificial enemy ... Putin did it! No, not Comey .... HRC says he is just an idiot, Podesta says he is a honest idiot. Comey did change the outcome of the US Presidential Election. No, I won't enrich him by reading his narcissist story ... a self-serving book of fake news.

Interesting how once again the UAE is related to SCL, the parent of Cambridge Analytica. The new alliance of Middle East opposition powers: US - Israel - UAE - Bahrein - Saudi Kingdom. All the Gulf States minus Qatar of Muslim Brotherhood "terror".

Once again the Jewish group of billionaires supported Bibi Netanyahu and helped defeat HRC for US President.

Cambridge Analytica and SCL - how I peered inside the propaganda machine | The Conversation |

Dark arts and cream teas

For more than a decade, I've conducted interviews with government personnel and key contractors, including SCL, working in a very secretive area as part of my research on UK and US propaganda during conflicts. I gained access slowly at first, gradually winning confidence through introductions once I had a few contacts in this tight-knit and suspicious field.

In my 2015 book, I explored how a romanticised British military reputation that strives to win over the "hearts and minds" of the public overlays a mythologised notoriety for the "dark arts" of information warfare. This myth helped Britain to extend a perception of expertise and inflate its importance among Americans during the "war on terror" conflicts. The so-called "special relationship" between the two countries and perceptions of "British expertise" in propaganda aided me in gaining access to research interviews in the US.

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Missionaries of the Holocaust

by Oui Tue Apr 17th, 2018 at 05:12:11 PM EST

Anne Frank's American pen pal - Danville, Iowa

Danville, a city in south-eastern Iowa just over 10 miles from the Mississippi River, is where the story of this brief correspondence began. Now, it is being retold inside the Danville Station, a museum and cultural centre, through a permanent exhibit that will open on 16 April 2018.

The exhibit's design will involve a convergence of two worlds: one being Anne Frank and her family, and the other Juanita and Betty Ann Wagner, two girls from Danville who received letters from Anne and her sister, Margot. It will feature a timeline starting from the 1920s up through 1945, comparing events in Europe to those within the United States. There will also be a replica of the top floor of the Secret Annex that housed the Franks and four other Jewish people for two years.

"We've known about the letters for many, many years," said Janet Hesler, a high school secretary with the Danville Community School District who is involved with the exhibit. "It's very historical for Danville; the letters originated here."  

Anne Frank`s Pre-diary Iowa Pen Pal Releases Historic Letters for Auction - 1988
Letters connect Anne Frank to Eastern Iowa town - 2013

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Second Thoughts on Confrontation with Russia?

by Oui Thu Apr 12th, 2018 at 11:24:10 AM EST

Pehaps not all military assets in place to confront Russia if Putin retaliates? Mixed signals after Mattes made a statement that "evidence" of gas attack under review ...

Allies France and Great Britain certainly wanted to join the United States in lashing out at Russia in Syria after the "misfortunes" of the intervention and the culprit Bashar al-Assad still in power.

Turkey's Erdogan is still teetering between NATO (dis)loyalty or looking for a closer alliance with Putin's Russia ...

Erdoğan says he is in talks with Putin, Trump 'to end chemical massacre' in Syria

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on April 12 that he would discuss a chemical weapons attack on the Syrian suburb of Douma with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by phone on April 12 night.

    "I spoke with Mr. [Donald] Trump last night. I will speak with Mr. Putin tonight and we will discuss how we can stop this chemical massacre together," he said during a ground-breaking ceremony in Ankara.

    Erdoğan also said Turkey had would maintain its presence and activities in Syria until the country became safe for everyone.

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House of Saud - US Alliance Has Broken the Middle East

by Oui Tue Apr 10th, 2018 at 06:00:10 AM EST

Setting the standard of intolerance. Some religions keep biblical times and culture in a contemporary suspension. Cutting off heads and ethnic purity. How the US operating in the Middle East has led to populist right-wing extremists in Europe, the Trump presidency and the so-called Clash of Civilisations. How the West has joined to become slaves of more wars serving what purpose?

America's Shameful Love Affair With A Saudi Prince | The Forward |

These days, you can't open an internet browser without coming face to face with the handsome, keffiyah-clad visage of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS. For weeks now, he's been on a charm offensive, courting American politicians, tech giants, businessmen and journalists.

And they have been happy to receive him. From an interview on 60 Minutes ("At just 32, Mohammed bin Salman seems fearless and determined") to a lengthy sit-down interview with the Atlantic's editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg ("He was jovial to the point of ebullience when I met him") to TIME magazine's cover story ("He looks like someone you knew in college, a big guy going on about something that seems really important to him"), MBS has been delighting the American media.

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Why Brexit? Micocosm of Isle of Dogs

by Oui Mon Apr 9th, 2018 at 02:33:12 AM EST

I got a glimpse of utter sepair of Poplar and the Isle of Dogs in the shadow of the Canary Wharf ... not much English spoken there as commuters rush towards their daily jobs in the tall office blocs. Not even speaking of poor infrastructure of steets, bridges, tunnels and the schools in hrowing distance of toxic fumes from rush hour traffic.

UK Brexit Problem: Migration not Immigration

Canary Wharf: life in the shadow of the towers | The Guardian |

The house I lived in, growing up on London's Isle of Dogs, was beside a huge gate and high walls - impenetrable barriers even to the naughty kids who wanted to explore the docks beyond. My friends and I remember glimpses of watery wastelands as we walked off the Thames peninsula that we all called "the Island", on rickety bridges whose gaps and creaks featured in our nightmares.

When, 30 years ago this month, Margaret Thatcher drove the first pile for Canary Wharf and promised a land of opportunity, those high walls came down. But by the time its celebrated pyramid roof was placed on One Canada Square in 1991, Thatcher had been ousted and the London commercial property market had collapsed. It was quite possibly the worst time to launch and, within a year, Olympia and York, the company charged with making the neoliberal dream of turning redundant docks into the reality of a gleaming financial citadel, filed for bankruptcy.

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1 - 2 - 3 TO WAR :: 3 - 2 - 1 FIRE!

by Oui Sun Apr 8th, 2018 at 07:40:24 PM EST

First phase, one stays on the propaganda theme of Russia is a rogue state - the face of our ENEMY.

Daily feeds of headlines detrimental to the people of Russia and its leader in the Kremlin - the Red Square of Communist infamy.

The Fall of the Wall between East and West wasn't enough of a proof the West WON!

Failure in the 1990s for a snappy makeover to a democracy and pure capitalism failed when the Yeltsin regime ended.

Putin represented to Soviet deep state of corrupt oligarchs and the military-intelligence complex (MIC). Very similar to the UK and USA by handcuffing the politicians whether from moderate centrists to far right. Trump cannot untie the strings attached between the White House - Pentagon - CIA in Langley Va.

US Congress with long-serving representation of MIC keeps the executive power in check. The lobbyists have been writing legislation and corporations the foreign policy manual of interference in sovereign states or by any means of regime change. Colour my revolution.

-1-  The so-called Novichok nerve gas attack by Russia on British soil. OPCW has become a tool of Western politics.

More below the fold ...

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Political Divide UAE (Trump) and Qatar (Clinton)

by Oui Fri Apr 6th, 2018 at 11:09:42 AM EST

How the pro-Israel newspaper The New York Times attempts too spoof the truth of the matter by linking the UAE with Putin's Russia. The Emirates is closely knit to the Saudi Kingdom of King Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. The UAE and KSA are on opposing sides to Russia on Syria and Iran. Fools in New York!

Qatar is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and the adventures of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under the Barack Obama's presidency in Libya, Egypt and Syria. Qatar played a leading role in transferring major arms and munitions shipments from Libya into Turkey and Northern Syria to support the rebellion against Bashar al Assad.

The two major regional powers fighting that dreadful war as proxies for the United States (indirectly Israel) and the West were the Salafist Gulf States of KSA with the UAE and the Muslim Brotherhood alliance of Erdogan's Turkey and Qatar. After the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, this nation under Morsi joined Turkey and Qatar allaince. Saudi Arabia was quite unhappy. The infighting between these two regional factions prevented HRC and later John Kerry to build a unity in Syrian opposition to confront Assad and indirectly Putin's Russia. The Geneva Conferences were all faced with utter failure. Of course blaming Russia in the meantime.

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The Hague: OPCW Crisis Deepens

by Oui Wed Apr 4th, 2018 at 07:53:00 PM EST

Previous time the European supported OPCW was in crisis when the US forced out José Bustani in 2002. He was too independent in regards to the investigation of Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons program and/or destruction thereof. The sacking of Bustani didn't create an uproar, but he was eventually compensated for a wrongful dismissal by decision of the ILO Administrative Tribunal.

Chemical Weapons Convention Chief Removed at U.S. Initiative

The head of the organization implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) was voted out of office by convention member states on April 22, ending a nearly three-month-long diplomatic offensive led by the United States.

With 43 delegations abstaining, states voted 48 to 7 to remove José Bustani, a Brazilian who has headed the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) since its inception almost five years ago. Two-thirds of states attending and voting had to vote in favor of removing Bustani for him to be unseated. Many European countries, U.S. allies, and India backed the U.S.-led motion of dismissal; Belarus, Brazil, China, Cuba, Iran, Mexico, and Russia voted against Bustani's removal.

The United States, which pays 22 percent of the OPCW's budget, had made implicit threats not to pay the rest of its dues to the organization if Bustani maintained his position, according to an OPCW official. This prompted speculation that other countries went along with the U.S. initiative to avoid depriving the organization of needed funds.

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Jewish Bride Taken By Prophet Muhammad (pboh)

by Oui Wed Apr 4th, 2018 at 08:37:34 AM EST

Just a reminder for the Jewish tribes of the Arabian peninsula ...

"Our country doesn't have a problem with Jews. Our Prophet Muhammad married  a Jewish woman. Not just a friend--he married her." [Source: Arabian Prince bin Salman interview with The Atlantic while traveling the New World - sightseeing new WTC building perhaps?]

Saudi crown prince: 'Israel has right to exist in peace' | Ynet News |

In interview with The Atlantic, the young reform-minded Mohammed bin Salman says Israelis and Palestinians have right to exist in 'their own land', denies his country has a problem with Jews or anti-Semitism, and says Iran's supreme leader makes Hitler 'look good.'

 « click for more info
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with US President Donald Trump (Photo: Reuters)

"Our prophet, his neighbors were Jewish. You will find a lot of Jews in Saudi Arabia coming from America, coming from Europe. There are no problems between Christian and Muslims and Jews. We have problems like you would find anywhere in the world, among some people. But the normal sort of problems."

More below the fold ...

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Breaking: UK Experts Baffled, Cannot Prove Source Novichok

by Oui Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 at 05:05:49 PM EST

Don't ask questions please!! The Russians did it ...

My understanding the international OPCW is doing some sort of investigation. Not sure the British are cooperating, see earlier diaries @EuroTrib

Novichok: Cui Bono? by Frank Schnittger
Gulf War Veterans - NOVICHOK a Deadly Deception

Salisbury poisoning: UK experts cannot prove novichok nerve agent used on Skripals came from Russia, say MoD | The Independent |

British scientists cannot prove that the novichok nerve agent used to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter was made in Russia, the military laboratory which tested it has said.

Experts at the Porton Down research laboratory were unable to establish "the precise source" of the chemical weapon, the chief executive of the Ministry of Defence facility told Sky News. He added the government had used "a number of other sources to piece together" the conclusion that the Kremlin was responsible.

The admission comes after Russia demanded the UK present "every possible element of evidence" that it was responsible for the suspected assassination attempt that has triggered a global diplomatic row and plunged Moscow's relationship with many western nations to lows not seen since the Cold War.  

More below the fold ...

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Israel's Gaza Deaths 'An Overreaction'

by Oui Mon Apr 2nd, 2018 at 10:05:13 PM EST

Bernie Sanders says doesn't believe Israel on Gaza

    "My assessment is that Israel 'overreacted' in its response to violent rioting on the Gaza border, Sanders says in CNN interview; 'Gaza is a disaster right now. We're going to continue to see those kinds of demonstrations and protests unless the world community recognizes the problem in Gaza."

In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Sanders was asked if he accepted Israel's version that most of the Palestinian dead were terrorists who directed attacks against Israel under the cover of protesters.

 « click for more info »

"No, I don't," Sanders responded. "My understanding is you have tens of thousands of people who were engaged in a non-violent protest. I believe now 15 or 20 people, Palestinians, have been killed, and many many others have been wounded. So I think it's a difficult situation, but my assessment is that Israel overreacted on that."

United States leadership living in a parallel universe ...

More below the fold ...

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Signs of Fascism in a Post-Democratic State

by Oui Sun Apr 1st, 2018 at 05:57:03 PM EST

Pulling wool over your eyes for over a decade now under threat and fear of Islamic terror ... becoming paranoid!

The Never Complete Fascist

    "Horkheimer and Adorno consider the stages that paved the way to Nazism
    to be not only the violence perpetrated by the great Western powers against
    the colonial peoples, but also the violence perpetrated, in the very heart of
    the capitalistic metropolis, against the poor and outcasts locked in the
    Dominico Losurdo

    "Ur-Fascism grows up and seeks for consensus by exploiting and exacerbating
    the natural fear of difference. The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist
    movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus UrFascism is racist by definition."
    Umberto Eco (1995)

    "[w]e will never have a complete definition of fascism, because it is in constant
    motion, showing a new face to fit any particular set of problems that arise to
    threaten the predominance of the traditionalist, capitalist ruling class."
    George Jackson

More below the fold ...

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Flash: Russia Can Replace Expelled Diplomats

by Oui Sat Mar 31st, 2018 at 09:36:47 PM EST


Oh, I see ...


Holding Russia Accountable for Its Destabilizing Behavior Share

... the United States will expel 48 Russian officials serving at Russia's bilateral mission to the United States. We will also require the Russian government to close its Consulate General in Seattle by April 2, 2018. We take these actions to demonstrate our unbreakable solidarity with the United Kingdom, and to impose serious consequences on Russia for its continued violations of international norms. ‎

Separately, we have begun the process of expelling 12 intelligence operatives from the Russian Mission to the United Nations who have abused their privilege of residence in the United States.

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