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Germany is the sixth largest contributor of CO2 in the world.  Are they going to stop burning brown coal?  No, they are going to shut down the only large-scale emissions-free source of baseload electricity they have:  nuclear.

we had a discussion about this some time back. It was started by the fact that more energy is now produced by renewables in Germany that by nuclear.

However, this means also that Germany produces about 80% of its power not renewable or nuclear.
Overall, the loss of its production capacity through its switching off of nuclear power is therefore marginal. The rise in renewable production all happened in the last ten to fifteen years.

As has been pointed out previously there is not enough capcity to build nucelar powerstations. there are only a handful companies that have the technical knowhow to build and they are stretched to the limit as is. Of course, with additional investments that could be achieved, but, but but, what to do with the rubbish? and what to do with a powerstationa as a potential target for terrorists?

I only brought the example of Germany as it had been previously discussed. The situation in other countries is bound to be completely different. France f.e produces much more power out of nuclear than Germany.

Also Germany only being the sixth largest polluter and on the other hand being the biggest exporter in the world and the fifth biggest economy overall, they must be doing something right? Of course, they could do much better...

by PeWi on Tue Oct 18th, 2005 at 12:48:13 PM EST
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