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I do not think that poor minorities or indigenous peoples anywhere in the world should be the recipients of toxic waste, whatever its source.  I find no justification for toxic waste dumps in the US that are routinely placed in such areas.  Many of these chemical and petrochemical waste sites flooded because of hurricane Katrina and it is going to take awhile to determine how severe the health effects of the residents are going to be.

I didn't know that lands had been returned to groups in Australia and then without their permission used to store mine refuse.  Is this only done with uranium waste or does it include waste from, say, lead mines and chemical plants?  

You are wrong if you think I approve of such behavior in any country at any time.

I was only pointing out that in the terrible story that is human history, people are repeatedly and tragically displaced.  If we refuse to consume products from nations that behave in that way, then we should be consistent and refuse not only Australian uranium but also any products from any country that does such things.  For starters, nothing from the human rights cesspool that is China.

You are generalizing from your experience in Australia about how things are done elsewhere.

In the US there are Native American tribes that have asked to store nuclear waste on their reservations and have gotten lucrative contracts to do so, under strictly supervised conditions.  The waste is placed in isolated areas that are not used for any other purpose.  This does not make it right to store any unwanted materials on any reservation.

by Plan9 on Thu Oct 20th, 2005 at 11:02:37 PM EST

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