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A quick reply (because of work!)... And I might not have understood the question ?!
Either you design a new building with anti-sysmic care, mostly architectural answers (volumes, weight, facades, etc.).
Or you intervene on existing buildings, having been stressed by a recent earthquake, but still usable (hair-cracks, but no real displacement of structure). In this case, instead of using timber or steel beams, a structure reinforcement with these new concrete can be designed.
Instead of beams, it would more be a complete "frame cube" (4 porticos) that could be set in each volumes (rooms). It could have the size and looks of some thick baseboards (ceiling and floors), thus allowing the use of those living spaces...
More then 30 000 flats are still stressed in Algier and that's as much families that are in danger, as the few new buildings that are built are for the thousands families that have no homes since the last earthquake.

Those concrete frames can be prefabricated and used just as steel is, either by clipsing (the concrete can be as thin as 2 mm) or by using the "nut and bolts" system (those being also in concrete)...

I'll get a more precise answer on saturday :-)

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