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No, no newer info, having looked it up, I must say I trusted my and Ritter's memory too much - and counted the same sum twice, a sum that included both OFF money and seized funds (and post-invasion oil sales too).

However, there is earlier info that remains relevant the Christian Aid report [pdf!] from June 2004, which estimated unaccounted for Iraqi money at $13 billion. Note that unlike the US audit report, this includes money misappropiated even before paying into the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI): oil sales totals don't add up, nor seized assets. Some numbers:

  • OFF money paid by the UN into the DFI: $8.1 billion
  • post-invasion oil sales until May, Christian Aid estimate: $13 billion
  • post-invasion oil sales paid to the DFI by May 2004: $10 billion (CPA claim)
  • the regime's seized assets & funds: $2.5 billion
  • money from seized assets/funds paid into the DFI: less than $1 billion accounted for by the CPA)

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