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China's imbalance for those between 15-64 yrs it is 1.06/1.0 that translates into 477,182,072 males for 450,664,933 females (CIA World Factbook). That leaves over 26 million males (about the entire population of Belgium and the Netherlands or about the population of Texas and Oklahoma) spouseless unless something is done.

The even more forboding numbers are for those under 15 yrs, 1.1 males/1.0 females or 148,134,928 males for 131,045,415 females. That's about one million more males than females every year.

Given China's sex ratio imbalance this has only got to make sense. What surprises me is that the government allows these researchers to make these comments. I would have thought that these types of comments would not be allowed to be covered even in an English language press outlet like China Daily. If there are any experienced China watchers, please give us your own insights, but the sign of debate on a topic in China is generally a portent of things to come. Or maybe this is another incidence of China thinking not three years ahead, but 300 years ahead.

What tremendous irony it would be if China decriminalized homosexuality and legalized some sort of living arrangement for same-sex couples before the US did.

by gradinski chai on Wed Dec 28th, 2005 at 09:15:28 AM EST

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