Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.
Thanks, your interest will help hold me to it. I don't know nearly enough about New Zealand to write about it frequently, so I'll probably stick with an Australian focus in the main, but making a public commitment like this will (I hope) motivate me to learn more about what's going on across the Tasman too.

Also, some term definitions for those not used to them:

Penalties - higher hourly pay rates paid for working late shifts, on public holidays and on weekends. Eg you typically get double time for working a public holiday, time and a half for weekends.

Superannuation - compulsory contributions on top of your salary paid by your employer to a public or private fund that invests said contribution for your retirement. At the moment the mandatory employer superannuation payment is 9% of your gross salary.

Redundancy - where a worker is paid out if their job is lost with an amount typically negotiated as a number of months or years of salary, like a severance package.

If there are others, let me know.

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