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Well, we were also in the middle of a major economic crisis which had seen unemployment spike to 11.1%; many simply dropped out of the labour force rather than keep playing the game.

Howard's gall astounds me.  Even at the height of the free market reform push, our neo-liberal government didn't dare introduce a contract-based regime which was so blatantly one-sided.  The "trial period" means contracts will effectively be binding on workers, but not employers. Why bother calling them "contracts" at all, then?

As for moving to NZ, you might want to see how our election goes first - if National wins, it'll be the same sort of employment regime over here, and they're fairly keen on cuddling up to Bush in the forlorn hope of a free-trade deal (yeah, one like Australia's, which excludes agriculture...)

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by IdiotSavant on Fri Jul 8th, 2005 at 08:59:58 AM EST
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