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Excellent diary! Also, British historian and holocaust denier David Irving once sued other historians for defamation, and lost the trial.

...the murder of the overwhelming majority of Jews living in German occupied lands - roughly five to seven million in total...
...shifting the number of Jews killed in the mass executions of the early stages of the Holocaust vs. the numbers gassed in the death camps...

Could you go into some details on the current consensus figures? Most books and encyclopedia only quote the same early estimates from the nineteen-forties, which anti-semites (including work collagues...) use as 'argument' - it would be good if I had 'current stand of research' figures handy for a retort.

The only survivors were a handful of slave laborers in Treblinka who managed to grab some guns from the guards and stage a revolt.

I seem to recall some survivor's accounts from Sobibor and Treblinka that came from kapos.

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