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those partial to the victims

How can one be 'partial' to the victims? Aren't you mixing two issues here?

i only know the austria law... jews... why are they "better" victims than, say, the native peoples of the americas, the filipinos, indonesian, palestinians, the russian kulaks, the africans, ... ?

Have Austrians (some living, some the 'dear' parents of those living) killed the native peoples of the americas, the filipinos, indonesian, palestinians, the russian kulaks, the africans? You see, that's why.

more reparations to be paid to the victims of the holocaust (never mind that it was 60 years ago)

And then what? What is your true goal - to get as much attention for other past genocides that still have survivors as the Jewish part of the Holocaust, or to have the latter share the treatment of the survivors of the others?

why can't we have laws which put under penalty of jail the denial of ALL genocides and the denigration of their respective victims ?

In Austria, indeed it may make sense to include the mentally retarded, homosexual and Gypsy parts of the Holocaust, as well as the slaughters of POWs etc. on the Easter Front. But what you seem to loose sight of is that no one (or at least no one heard of) is busy denying the latter, while for some reason Holocaust deniers too like to focus on the Jewish part.

(still ongoing) genocide against the peoples of america

Now come on. If there's genocide, then Austria is still continuing the genocide of the 15 Years War against Hungarians.

a hint to marek: what is forbidden in europe is not "racism" but specifically to be against jews

You said before that you only know Austria. Please keep it by that. Other countries have laws not that narrow.

ask any black person who has been under arrest how he was called by police ("nigger", "bimbo", "monkey" are some examples i know of).

You may also want to ask a Jewish person, say one from Budapest or Antwerp. They also get their share of daily insults (in sokme cases also from policemen). But just like much of petty crimes, most daily insults won't have a consequence in practice.

what is forbidden is violence against brown peoples for racist motives, but even in these cases authorities are, lets say, "lazy".

The same often happens in the case of anti-semitic crimes, especially in CEE. It happened in Austria a few decades ago (when judges absolved even major Nazi criminals). Your rhetoric is tendentious.

exalted self-image of jews

Jews? 'Jews'? Can you distinguish Jews from Jews?

deeply injust treatment of palestinians by jews

Again: Jews? 'Jews'? Can you distinguish Jews from Jews?

name, 95% of what you wrote I'd agree with, but there is a pattern, a framing in the remaining 5% that spoils it all. Why do you insist on copying the Zionists' intractable linking of the Holocaust, Jews and Israel, why do you have to oppose it with a total mirror image?

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

by DoDo on Thu Jan 19th, 2006 at 04:01:04 PM EST
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