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Ok I'll conclude with my personal opinion, as the debate comes to an end.

Fabius seems to be highly intelligent, gifted with an impressive synthetic capacity. However, it it impossible to know what the man wants, what he believes in, and since he oscillates in his speech between soft socialism and hard-left rhetoric, it's even harder to know. It's a pity the man has no firm shape, as he could have been a great leader. Has srong Keynesian touches at times.

DSK comes through as an economist, and something of a corporate manager. He is also clearly intelligent, but I would say somewhat less than Fabius (who seems out of this world). He really is a social-democrat, which to me means a centrist. This man is a Blairite I would say. Would probably do a good job as president though, but would not prepare France for the end of this age.

Royal comes through as a mother, no matter how hard she tries to shake it off. She sends the message that she is here to change our diapers, to make us all live with dignity. She is a sound reasoner, ie. doesn't seem to get caught in her own reasoning traps. She is definitely a believer in all things small and regional and local, and makes you feel that she would be your favourite mayor. As a president, I don't know. She has the charisma and the confidence, but does she see the big picture? She puts forward some arguments that seem to show she does, but when she does it's her own big picture, which seems quite contrary to established ideas.

by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Oct 17th, 2006 at 04:43:04 PM EST

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