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Question 3:
"Is current growth good? (and how can growth be increased)"

Fabius: "growth is weak in Europe and in France, compared to the rest of the world [..] social matters must feed growth and justice, and a stronger purchasing power [..]
I propose a law of ecological planning for energy [..] the number 2 in government should be responsible for energy" (my opinion: was average, paddled in deep water at some point)

Royal: "we need to reinvest in work, investment and environment [..] on one hand 3 million french people are unemployed, and on the other hand some companies are undermanned [..] professional training is important [..] we would have benefits in social accounts (and not deficits) if we followed Denmark's example [..] investment too [..] environment is essential, many jobs could be created in the environment if we focused on it [..]" (my opinion: was not very convincing, but stuck to a plan)

DSK: "what we need today, is confidence. French people are not confident. if there is no confidence, there is no growth [..] confidence [..] to create confidence we need to hold a huge round of negotiations on purchasing power, pensions, etc, creating a pact that binds the president [..] so first of all, regain confidence through negotiation [..] debt is not good, because then you pay interests. if you're a liberal then you don't care because you don't want the state to interfere, but I care" (my opinion => sounded like a salesman)

by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Oct 17th, 2006 at 03:07:22 PM EST

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