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We are getting back to that culture of uniformity and death.

Or is it that there is always a tendency (in all of us?  Not the zen members of the human race, but are we zen?) and anyway, maybe it's a permanent fight, a process, a part of life, so you're right, but let us endlessly kill less people for less ineffectual and dangerous reasons...

Great diary!  I believe the nation state, as a concept, is dead.  But the future then lies in larger or smaller, or both, but not the nation state, and what percentage of humans primarily identify with the nation, as opposed to where they grew up, or where they live, or where they have visited, or the whole planet, or even the universe?

Yadda yadda!  The nation state has lost power and influence, and nation blocs are taking over.  Germany can't be alone...can it?  Is it possible for regional non-national groupings to thrive?  How about Scandinavia?  Is that regional area thriving?  

Could Etopia thrive?  A few square kilometres?  Is that enough land?

And can any of us thrive when jewish teenagers wear the israeli flag over their shoulders at Auschwitz?

nanne: I was in Auschwitz yesterday & there was a group of Jewish teenagers (17-18 yrs old, I'd guess) in white and blue dress, many with the flag of Israel draped over their shoulders.

Was it Sven who wrote, "Yes, human behaviour has been badly in error in the ways that you speak for at least 6,000 years.  Isn't that all the more reason to change it now?"

Maybe I misquoted ;)

Anyways, a great diary, jandsm.

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

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