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The election results are like the three blind men and the elephant, each describes what they feel at their location.

So far we have heard that the election was a mandate for liberalism, conservatism, a rebuke to the Republicans, not much of a change, all about the war, all about the economy, a vote in favor of deadlocked government, a vote in favor of change, and now concern about the environment.

As far as I can see, the long-serving old-time liberals will head many of the committees. This will allow them to stage manage a lot of political theater - some of which may even produce some rollback of corruption.

Nancy Pelosi is backing the most conservative, militaristic Dem for majority leader. He isn't upset with the military/industrial/congressional complex, he just wants his military to stop being chewed up.

Anyone talking of "energy independence" is still avoiding dealing with reality.

Perhaps what is needed is for some enlightened billionaires to fund a new think tank which is willing to do realistic ecological and economic research. The present batch of think tanks are all funded by ultra-conservatives looking for pseudo-research to justify their plutocratic self interest. I'm not hopeful.

Policies not Politics
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by rdf (robert.feinman@gmail.com) on Tue Nov 14th, 2006 at 10:38:22 AM EST

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