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If anything I underplayed the ceremony. Even so things have been played down in recent years. We no longer have elderly gentlemen walking backwards in front of the Queen (so as not to turn their back on the sovereign).

I also did not note the gorgeous robes of the heralds, the uniforms of the officers of state and the red Parliamentary robes (with appropriate bits of animal fur attached to indicate how grand the peer is) of the Lords in attendance (who get to sit in the monarchs presence, unlike the Commons who have to stand).

I refer you to the Wikipedia article for more details of the preposterous events, most of which have deep historical roots and symbolic importance. I see the Imperial State Crown gets brought to Parliament in its own coach - but does that sort of thing not happen in all modern democracies.


by Gary J on Wed Nov 15th, 2006 at 07:08:37 PM EST
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