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ETers are not afraid to disagree...

The disagreements here are unusual, though, in that one often learns something from them about the topic, rather than (as at many blogs) learning about prevalent reading skills, levels of knowledge, and human nature.

Which prompts a side comment --

It is perhaps not fully appreciated that the following pattern makes comment threads deceptive as statistical pictures of the blog's readership, or even of the writership. The following facts are painfully obvious:

  • Commenters often say something sensible with which almost every reader would agree.

  • Disagreement prompts responses more often that does agreement.

  • Among readers who disagree, those who respond will tend to be those who disagree strongly.

  • Statements are sometimes unclear, and sometimes misread, creating misunderstandings.

  • A sensible statement can, if misunderstood, suggest that the writer is profoundly ignorant or even ill-intentioned.

  • Responses based on a misunderstanding are particularly likely to be misunderstood, since their premise is false and perhaps unstated.

This natural pattern makes blog readerships seem far more confused and contentious than they are. Comments both over-represent readers who are argumentative and reading-impaired, and over-represent responses from sensible people who are (seemingly for no reason) provoked because they are momentarily confused.

Conclusion: The blogosphere community is much more sensible and agreeable it seems, so there is more hope for the world than we perceive, and everyone should cheer up, at least incrementally.

Words and ideas I offer here may be used freely and without attribution.

by technopolitical on Mon Nov 20th, 2006 at 07:02:22 PM EST
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