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Good points and some new details for me.  I wonder if they are really believers, or act like they are.  Meapilas could also mean they pee ON holy water and are just acting out the role.  I agree that they must have economic and political ties with the Opus, their universities, charities, etc.

What the PP hierarchy thinks of the monarchy seems very important because it is not mutual and the PP doesn´t dare lose that sentimental "base" vote.  El Abecedario also resents that the PP has chosen El (In)Mundo and COPE (church-owned radio) over them, for their government-undermining campaigns.  Now el inmundo has become a tabloid and its shameless P.J. Ramirez struts around, parroting PP talking points.  And he keeps smiling on tv panels no matter how many times they slam him down:  Laughing all the way to the bank.

I have ignored the right-wing press too long to know how they stand now, since Ansón is now director? at La (Sin)Razón, but I´d guess that the PP would gain points if the monarchy distanced itself from the church, because they would use it politically.

Your scenario of a ceremonial president gives me food for thought.  What if we take into account "the little woman behind the man" vs. the "gray men" advisors?  I give some credit to Sofía and I know Leticia is no fool...

Our knowledge has surpassed our wisdom. -Charu Saxena.

by metavision on Sun Nov 5th, 2006 at 04:49:26 PM EST
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