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It seems the reason Ansón betrayed the conspiracy of the "crime syndicate" was that they were not only against Felipe Gonzalez but were also thiking of undermining the Crown (see Los Genoveses). It is interesting that Anson has now, once again, allied himself with Pedro J. The motive is, in this case, the "threat" to the Unity of Spain from the Basques and especially the Catalans, with Zapatero as the evil enabler.

One interesting thing about the Royals is that:

  • the eldest daughter married a member of the traditional aristocracy in Sevilla, and they were awarded the Duchy of Lugo [in Galicia, another peripheral region with strong nationalism]
  • the second daughter, who worked for La Caixa, married a Basque who played professionally for Barça, were given the Duchy of Palma [in the Balearics]  and they live in Barcelona
  • the prince married a media personality in Madrid. Traditionally they would have married in Los Jerónimos, but instead they used the Cathedral of La Almudena, which not only has horrible architecture but is also an Opus Dei sanctuary.

Considering what they did with their second daughter's marriage (and anyone who thinks any of these pairings were totally spontaneous doesn't know the Royal Family - or has forgotten the previous rumoured candidates to marry the prince) I wonder what the King's position on "the Unity of Spain" is. If Ansón is teaming up with Pedro J again 10 years after the "crime syndicate", it might be because the King doesn't agree with him that the Unity of Spain is in danger.

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by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Sun Nov 5th, 2006 at 05:39:00 PM EST
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It sounds as if they are repeating the conspiracy word-by-word and for the same arrogant reason!  The daily antagonism of the government is absurd, now with the ETA peace process, even worse because the PP couldn´t achieve it.  The PP keeps embarrassing itself by not acting like the opposition, but simply being "opposed" to everything and I think the public has caught on.  With the Catalunya statute it was "Spain is breaking!" and nothing has happened.

The king is very aware that there is no threat with the unity of Spain and he´ll keep giving them rope, I think.

The marriages are funny and Elena´s is questionable, but Cristina´s seems good.  Felipe´s wedding couldn´t be at Los Jerónimos because it is too small, but if  the cathedral is run by the Opus, that means the archbishop is in the Opus?

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by metavision on Sun Nov 5th, 2006 at 06:42:53 PM EST
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