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gorgeous, ecb...

it's quite amazing how aesthetic and atmospheric the historical centre of almost any italian city or town is.

you reallycaptured viterbo well.

viterbo is near lake bolsena, in lazio, half an hour north of rome.

it's a magical area where i have gone camping quite often.

have you found the hot springs at marta yet?

apart from being the hottest i found in italy, the pools are deep and wide enough for swimming, which is very unusual.

the other good thing is they're out in the middle of a field, without any of the luxy or commercialised infrastructure that has desouled other hot springs.

it's about 2 1)2 hrs south of where i live, beatig down the 4-laned but badly surfaced E45.

you know a hot springs is good when you put 5 hrs there and back drive to enjoy them.!

saturnia on monte amiata is very special too, where the whole river is hot, giving you a constant rolling massage of hot sulphury water.

great pix, thanks!


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