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The situation is pretty much the same in Bulgaria. The owners of expensive vehicles are previleged and the police do not stop them if they violate the road rules.
The ordinary people have to pay small bribes to the police officers for every violation. But I do not blame the police because they have very low salaries (about 200 $ per month) and the economic situation, the corruption, and the poverty are the preponderant factor about the different attitude toward the rich and the poor. I lived in Austria and Germany for a couple of years and there the police officers are respected and well paid and when it comes to fulfill their duties they do not show any prejudice or "double standards." The number of crimes in these two countries is also very low if a comparison with Russia and Bulgaria has to be set. However, although the
American police is very well trained, the rising levels of crime in America are worrisome. May be too much liberty and freedom, when these terms are misunderstood, is also a problem...

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by Chris on Wed Feb 15th, 2006 at 02:16:39 PM EST

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