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There is a dilemma posed, hinted at above in the comments about Franco, and in the back of my mind when writing the piece.

In order to belong to something, you have to have an idea of what that something is.  One doesn't need to go as far as the nation-states did in definine & delineating identity, but until we all agree to live on a purley metaphysical plane, it will need to be done.  Europe might be hesitant to do the "Self/Other" thing, but the rest of the world is not yet there.  If you wont define "Europe," someone else will.  Because Europe, whatever it is today, is going to come into conflict with places and ideas what are not Europe.

It is as though, in the wake of the 20th century, Europe seeks to avoid the traps of nationalism and tribalism by ignoring the whole subject of defining itself.  Side-step boundary, cultural & political disputes by not placing import on them or by leaving it all open ended enough to be in a permanemt state of negotiation.  Wonder if it will work?  Sounds downright revolutionary to me...

Homework assignment for everyone: Read Benedict Anderson's "Imagined communities."


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -Voltaire

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