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Thanks for the additional links.
I made my remark because I came across a story from a NATO-liaison officer in the Darfur region.
I can't find the link again, but in short:
NATO provides some assistance for the UN-forces in place, also delivering some ammunitions made by Belgian FN.
The same make of ammunition is used by ALL groups involved in the fighting in the Darfur-region.
Sounds like our corporates don't border who is going to be killed, nor how many, as long they can sell.
Our politicians have work to do overthere for sure.
But they also still have a lot to do in our country's controlling arms traffic.

The struggle of man against tyranny is the struggle of memory against forgetting.(Kundera)
by Elco B (elcob at scarlet dot be) on Thu Feb 23rd, 2006 at 01:23:06 PM EST
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