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Darfur is genocide. The Moselm Arabs are killing off the Black Christians and Animists--All of them. We're almost at the quarter million mark.

Yeah, "Democratic"[HA! that's a laugh]Congo is still in "Africa's First World War" and maybe with elections coming up, it'll die down. The Hutu Nazis from Rwanda [y'know, those people who killed a million people with machettes back in 1994], are still causing trouble.

what are we supposed to do about that?

Then There's Nigeria. The Moslems and Christians have been fighting since the "celebratory" massacares in September 2001. This part of the "War on Terror" has claimed over 70 thousand lives, and it's getting worse in recent days. These people DO indeed have oil.

Tell me, what are we supposed to do?

by messy on Thu Feb 23rd, 2006 at 04:58:26 PM EST
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