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The issue that the Dems are stressing is not the "we can't let A-rabs run our ports," but rather "everything is for sale in Washington right now." The Dems are basically stressing that the White House is putting economic interests (there are some reports about connections between port authorities and John Snow, for example) above security and safety issues. The port management is going to the company that makes most sense economically because of cronyism, so say the Dems. This bodes well for their "culture of corruption" meme they have been pushing. I do think there is some pandering (of course as with everything else in this country), and the Democrats are probably taking some cheap shots. But the GOP is basing their entire 2006 election cycle on security and terrorism once again, and the Dems are trying (desperately) to break that cycle.

Mikhail from SF
by Tsarrio (dj_tsar@yahoo.com) on Wed Feb 22nd, 2006 at 01:23:28 PM EST

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