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but rather "everything is for sale in Washington right now." The Dems are basically stressing that the White House is putting economic interests (there are some reports about connections between port authorities and John Snow, for example) above security and safety issues
Wait, go over the facts again.

A British company has been operating these ports, administratively, for years.  They, because of their own business reasons, decided to sell, and they sold to an Arabian company.  Neither Bush nor any other American had anything to do with that sale, or proposed sale--I'm not sure that's it's done yet.  But, our government (just like any other government buying a service from an outside company in a sensitive area) gets to review, and approve whether or not they will accept the service from basically the same workers,,,who will now work for this new Arab company.

There is nothing for sale,,,it's just as before.  There is no cronyism.  There is a right to review the new owner.

by wchurchill on Thu Feb 23rd, 2006 at 12:28:45 AM EST
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