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No doubt about the problems the appearance of transnational companies and financial system has produced on the environment. But it goes quite hand in hand with the technological development and our (western) fundational myths about progress and property.

You are certainly right in that the more closed-off economies of 'communist' dictatures were even worse on the environment - just because of this progress myth. However, transnational companies are a rather special obstacle to solving the problem.

Regarding crime and all that stuff. I do not think it has to do with globalizationa at all.

That's a strange opinion, at least with a Central-Eastern European eye. Organised crime was rather limited to nonexistent during the dictature here, in significant part due to less open borders. You are also limiting the scope of your views to drugs - you should also think of arms trade and trade in women. Do you want to legalise the latter?

Similarly, Lula in Brazil is trying to do it...

...and cooperates with IMF, woos Western investors and legalises GM food.

nd these approaches have produced the fastest and deepest reduction in poverty level of all human history

Where? Not in China, not in India, and not that dramatic in Brazil either. What measure of poverty do you think of? Not average per capita GDP, I hope!

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by DoDo on Tue Feb 28th, 2006 at 10:09:15 AM EST
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