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Tibet is modernising rapidly, thanks to booming China's billions, but at what cost to its unique culture?

...for those expecting a Shangri-la in the Himalayas, the club's existence is likely to be a disappointment. But it is a striking example of the disorientating changes in modern Tibet, as economic migrants rush into one of the most spiritual places on earth, hoping to cash in on breakneck economic development that is raising the living standards of its impoverished people but heightening inequality and destroying a unique culture.

 ...Lhasa is already being transformed. Ten years ago, the streets around the Jokhang Temple were filled with pilgrims. Today, they are filled with tourists haggling at souvenir shops.

...Tibetan life remains spiritual, but materialistic global values are seeping in through television and the internet.

...Clubs like JJs can be seen in every major town. For the urban young, these are exciting times. For the rural old, something essential is being lost. Those caught in the middle admit they are confused.

The spoiling of Shangri-la

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