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The thing is that we can't both wish for third world countries to become rich (by proclaiming: "one mobile phone to every bedouin!"), and expect that once they do they will retain their culture.

To become rich nowadays means to embrace capitalism, and this means embracing notions of consumerism, possession, increased purchasing power, and in particular this means obtaining the possibility to purchase exotic/luxury items. And since one man's local product is another man's exotic/luxurious product, rich Bengladeshis buy vintage Indian cars, rich Indians buy Ferraris, rich Italians buy Rolls Royces ...

So either we stop wanting the third world to emulate our path (so that they can save their culture), or we choose another path, for example the one of degrowth, which I somewhat affect.

God what am I saying? Ok, this was just typed as I thought it.

by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Feb 28th, 2006 at 02:51:21 PM EST
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