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Well, section 266 covers discrimination of any sort and section 140 covers blasphemous speech and behaviour.  I am not sure of the Danish court history of these two paragraphs, but I would assume that while section 266 is in use today, section 140 is a so called "sleeping" paragraph as in Norway, that is to say a paragraph that is seldom in use and that is very hard to convict on.  If you are to be convicted under section 140 I guess you have to prove "persecution".  It has be a very grave case of consistent abuse, slander and threats over time to be invoked.

As mentioned above, we have got the same blasphemy paragraph in our criminal code in Norway, but nobody has been convicted of blasphemy for decades.  The last time it was invoked in Norway was in 1933 and that was a case of verbal abuse of the Christian faith, and the perpetrator, the Norwegian writer and poet Arnulf Øverland, was acquitted.

The blasphemy paragraph is covering all religions, Islam included, but whether the court or the prosecutors find that it applies is another story.    

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by Gjermund E Jansen (gjans1@hotmail.com) on Thu Feb 9th, 2006 at 11:45:57 AM EST

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