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Actually four.

The two similar media wars during the right-wing governments in Hungary, one I read of during the previous right-wing government in Poland, and just two days ago, a right-wing papers' chief editor was complaining about a supposed right-wing underrepresentation in the press due to foreign ownership of (nominally centre-left) media.

An analogous event to the one Marek told about from the time of the Second Media War: Magyar Nemzet (=Hungarian Nation) was the top right-wing daily, it was respected as fairly independent and with a long tradition. Fidesz's business circle owned Napi Magyarország, taunted Napi Maó (=Daily Mao), which was a Maoist paper during the dictatorship, because it was an uncritical propaganda paper. Editors included far-right figures1. Then one day, in a shady deal helped by the government, the owners of Napi Maó took over Magyar Nemzet, and "merged" the two - which essentially meant that the editors of the former worked on under the title of the latter. (It remains the pro-Fidesz daily to this day.)

  1. The shadiest figure is István Lovas, a truly bizzarre and disgusting disciple of Goebbels. For a start, he is an anti-semitic Jew - he switched to anti-semitism after Israel denied him citizenship. He went there after an arrest warrant was issued on him in the USA for not paying his German ex-wife's aliments, whom and whose child he treated like shit. Before that, he worked for Radio Free Europe, he got to the West after 1956, in which he had a small role. He was imprisoned before, but he lied about the reasons: it wasn't political, he committed gang-raping with friends, holding a girl hostage at a summer house for a whole weekend. Considering how he treats women, you can guess how cynical he is in political rhetoric. His greatest achievement was to integrate altermondialist ideas (at a time when the 'Socialists' were full-throttle neoliberals) into right-wing rhetoric, and get Fidesz to cash in on anti-Iraq-war sentiments.

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.
by DoDo on Fri Mar 17th, 2006 at 04:00:52 AM EST
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