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Very interesting read.

To your question "how is populism in Bulgaria different from populism elsewhere?", I'll answer that these 3 people are clones of 3 similar populist politicians we have in France. And similarly to yours, none of our 3 populist figures use mythological or religious ideology. Except number 1) I suppose, as he is a devout Christian. But he uses that aspect to condemn Turkish entry to Europe, not to further any other political agenda.

  1. is a clone of Philippe de Villiers, an aristocrat with similar ambitions, though fortunately for us de Villiers has never led a government and probably never will.

  2. is a clone of Nicolas Sarkozy, the tough and straight-talking guy with no apparent program other than being elected (which unfortunately for us he has a good chance of)

  3. is a clone of Jean Marie le Pen, our homemade holocaust denier who dislikes ethnic minorites, and who made it to the 2nd round of the presidential elections in 2002 against Chirac.
by Alex in Toulouse on Mon Mar 27th, 2006 at 01:09:44 PM EST

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