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You are probably too young to know or remember the huge film at it's time, "Moana" of the South Seas, which was a very early "seminal image," if you will excuse the pun, of the same type as Sharon Stone's.  It was a sensual, sexual image that lingered in the minds of men and their concepts and images of sexual longing for many decades and even today is an image that the Polynesian woman is branded with in the cultural "uber conciousness" (is there such a word?).

The filmmaker, Flaherty, showed Moana's breasts as she oiled the body of a man dancer as she and he did a dance of a polynesia. AS well, she spent much of the film topless.  The film was touted as a "documentary," but Flaherty rigged the odds by setting up the scenes and such.  This image still persists and permeates western conciousness today.

Similarly, Stone has a similar place in the western conciouness taunting and enticing and teasing the image of her c word behind the chair.  See how far the public images have come in these five or six decades?

What's next, a glass chair?


by Keone Michaels on Thu Mar 30th, 2006 at 11:29:44 AM EST

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