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That's exactly what I was thinking. Can't hold it against a crazy person, can you? She's batshit crazy.

That being said, she has used some of her craziness to perform good deeds. Last year (and I don't know how she got invited to this) she was on a stage with some of the world's most powerful leaders and foreign ministers discussing African debt relief.

A FM from an African country (I forgot which) got up and told a story about how the country had run out of vaccines and that children were dying. He begged for the leaders to contribute vaccines and money to solve the problem. The world leaders were not too moved. Until....Sharon Stone stood up and yelled (with arm raise high like a school girl) "I'll pledge $50,000. All of us will pledge to bring vaccines to your country."

She literally shamed them into sending vaccines. These old crusty men were literally dragged into donating by her.

by Upstate NY on Thu Mar 30th, 2006 at 09:29:51 PM EST
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