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we have done our due diligence in terms of lifting people up?
What are you saying here?  American and European companies are susposed to go into China, a sovereign nation, and do what as due diligence?  Find out who is going to get the jobs, how much money they are paid?  And then assess if China is lifting their people far enough out of poverty?  How much out of poverty would qualify for you?  And are you the judge of that, or who would it be?  The American company?

There are proven models as to how countries come out of poverty around the world.  I would suggest we follow them, and allow the markets to work--not saying no controls are needed, but what you are describing would slow the progress, and the lifting of living standards around the world to a crawl.  

by wchurchill on Wed Apr 19th, 2006 at 07:49:22 PM EST
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