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I'm not an MBA holder, so I don't mind bashing them ;) (BTW, I don't know if there are many MBAs here...) However, I'm not sure that the "economism" you deplore (me with you) is to be mainly ascribed to them. I'm sure they must play their part. But I, and others here, see the role of think-tanks, economists in academia, pundits, and journalists as extremely important (there may be MBAs among them, of course).

The result, in any case, is that the belief is now widespread and deep that "the economy" determines what happens much more than representative politics or the nation-state. The resulting political credibility gap serves to increase the power of transnational corporations, thus validating the proposition that "the economy" rules. It's a vicious circle -- but, as you rightly say, we should not accept it as inescapable.

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