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Economic fatalism to accept globalization as inevitable?

1.  Globalization is already here, to some extent.  It's a very gradual process, and cross border trade has always been around.  Now why should we want to have borders that restrict trade??

For instance, the current EU tolls and subsidies on foodstuffs help keep the developing nations poor and unable to build self-sustaining economies.

2. There is no moral difference between opening up the old, feudalistic trade barriers between towns in medieval Europe to opening up the national borders of today.

Everytime a factory moves from Leipzig to Stuttgart some workers in Leipzig lose their job (and can move on to other things), and Stuttgart gains jobs, and the German economy as a whole has become slightly more efficient.

Everytime a production order is sent to China instead of Germany, China is helped develop its economy and catch up with us, and the global economy as a whole has become slightly more efficient.

Ideals are the ultimate motivators. But also the greatest causes of destruction.

A tip: Don't get too high on your ideals.

by cge on Mon Apr 17th, 2006 at 06:23:55 AM EST

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