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I know this person, a woman, who has a "recycled" circus dog. The dog is very good at doing tricks and in general at getting people's attention. But the relation she has with her dog (the dog is tiny and lives in a spacious flat with her) borders on the psychotic. When you meet her, the first thing she generally says to you as her dog scratches at your legs, is "look he's giving you a party". If you fail to properly greet the dog (it's kind of annoying if the dog scratches hard), she gets upset.

One day my mom had asked me to stay at her place for the day (to open the door for someone she was expecting), while she and that woman went off to do some important shopping. The woman's dog had to stay with me. Now my mom has a large enough garden, which I ushered the dog into. But all the dog did was go towards the front gate, sit there, and look in every direction, for hours, searching/waiting for her master.

by Alex in Toulouse on Wed Apr 26th, 2006 at 08:59:00 AM EST
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