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Wow indeed. Every time I think I follow a new twist emerges.

Here's what I was able to find in English (from the  Basque News and Information Channel web site):

Arnaldo Otegi, who will have a leading role in any peace process with the Basque armed group ETA, because of Batasuna's links to the organisation, will be able to appeal the sentence, sources said.

Under Spanish law Otegi could be jailed pending an appeal but prosecutor Jesus Santos said he would not request this because he believes Otegi does not pose a flight risk.

Whether Otegi now goes to prison depends on whether he is considered dangerous by the public prosecutor while he prepares an appeal, judicial sources said.

Does that match what's reported in El Pais?

by Alexandra in WMass (alexandra_wmass[a|t]yahoo[d|o|t]fr) on Thu Apr 27th, 2006 at 06:54:46 PM EST
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Yes, that is correct. If the public prosecutor agrees with the defence that there is no risk Otegi will flee, he won't go into prison.

That was exactly the reason given to allow him to go free on bail last time, and the reason why the previous Audiencia Nacional prosecutor was relieved of his duties.

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