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...dates back from a while ago: I was in my final year in my higher education and my entire family had left for a week to some destination, I can't remember where. I had been given the responsibility to take care of the parental house and the dog. Generally, the dog used to be very quiet, but at one night during that week, she decided to start barking once every two hours for some reason (I never found out why) and she'd keep going in her characteristic hoarse barks until someone came down the stairs to quiet her down. Thus, I found myself with a pretty wretched night and little sleep on school, where I had English in the first hour. My friend, sitting next to me, noticed I looked pretty haggard and I began to tell him what had happened the past night while the class was just rummaging away, waiting for the exercises to be handed out.

It was a good tale, I thought, and I was making very life-like impersonations of my dog's barking, when it suddenly dawned on me that things had become awfully quiet around me. And when I looked up and around I found the eyes of entire class (30 something plus the teacher!!!) resting on me, and all faces carrying extremely broad grins. I managed to murmur to my friend, "Well, I guess I tell you the rest during the break...." And the teacher came to my desk and berated me privately, but highly amused...


by Nomad (Bjinse) on Tue May 16th, 2006 at 10:08:07 AM EST

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