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Go to C-Span and search their video archive for 'Scalia Foreign Law American Enterprise Institute'. Particularly interesting is the Q&A segment after Scalia's speech on foreign law, when he tells law students that they are stupid, ignorant, cannot think straight and that they must SIT DOWN! and BE QUIET!. In two instances kids are thrown out of the conference room. Scalia approves of it but urges the AEI security guys to NOT use violence against the law students. He also barks at a German student who asked him a question about the Iraq war and torture and tells an American student to SHUT UP. Great performance of supreme court justice A. Scalia!

"The USA appears destined by fate to plague America with misery in the name of liberty." Simon Bolivar, Caracas, 1819
by Ritter on Tue May 30th, 2006 at 03:45:33 PM EST

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