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The American opinion on international law is that if the US isn't a party to a treaty or an international convention, then it doesn't have to follow it.

I noticed the old bugaboo about the international criminal court. We never signed on to that one, so if any US government official is sent to the Hague, then that's an act of war.

The US has never been in favor of symbolic treaties, or at least hasn't been since the Coolidge administration.

There are all sorts of so-called "human rights" conventions which are subscribed to by most countries in the world and then plainly ignored.

The US is attacked for not subscribing to many of these things, and is thus assumed to be breaking "international law."

If the US isn't a party to a treaty, then it's not bound by it. Simple, no?

by messy on Tue May 30th, 2006 at 12:17:12 PM EST

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