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I think for the sake of argument we should debate why Turkey couldn't possibly be a member of the EU?

I'll create a typical debate below and we can work from there:

No person - "Because it's poor"
Yes person -  "But Ireland and Spain were poor when they joined too, look at how rich they are now"
No person, edging at pessimistic approach - "Yeah but Turkey is dirt poor, and is very populated."
Yes person, edging at liberal approach - "Yes but imagine all the market opportunities this will create. Just looking at Spain, its membership in the EU has created 150 000 jobs in France alone, according to François Bayrou."
No person - "Anyhow Turkey is a different culture entirely from Europe, it's not even Christian"
Yes person - "This is why Turkey must join, to ensure that EU remains an open secular union and not just a gigantic Lion's Club for Christians."
No person - "Turkey may be secular in name, but it is currently ruled by an Islamic-tinted coalition"
Yes person - "But look at how much that so-called 'islamic' coalition has done to be in line with the EU, it proves they're modern and open"
No person - "Who cares, there is the issue of Cyprus anyhow"
Yes person - "No, Cyprus is already in the EU"
No person - "Look, at some point we have to decide where the EU's borders have to be, and Turkey seems like a good candidate for a border"
Yes person - "An inclusive border then"
No perosn - "Fuck you"
Yes person - "Fuck you too"

by Alex in Toulouse on Tue Sep 26th, 2006 at 12:36:06 PM EST
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