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After a couple years of worrying myself sick about a U.S. attack on Iran -- something I truly believe would result in WWIII -- or worse -- I now agree with MarekNYC that it's just more of Bush crying Wolf! In fact, when my tinfoil hat is sitting on my head just right, I even wonder if the whole Iran "Crisis" is just a wily Neocon ruse. By keeping us on alert, so to speak, against a major new war against Iran, we're too distracted to commit the tremendous resources we'll need to stop them from dumping more money -- and bodies -- onto Iraqi, not Iranian, soil.

Let's hope that Americans have finally wised up and that they'll continue to support the Democrats who are beginning to stand up to BushCo and his depraved cohorts.

by Matt in NYC on Sat Jan 13th, 2007 at 03:03:21 AM EST
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