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I think that what MarekNYC was suggesting was that people like me are crying wolf about BushCo attacking Iran, not that Bush himself crying wolf (about Iraq, Iran, ...)

I do believe that the Bushies and/or Israel do intend to attack Iran. Here, like Bush, I am following my "gut". There are two principal events that provide a basis for my gut feelings. First, BushCo is following exactly the same pattern for a buildup to war against Iran that it followed in the case of Iraq. (Concern about the threat of WMDs and abetting terrorism, setting up of a "special office" to manufacture propaganda, moving forces into place while claiming that they still have hopes for a diplomatic solution, etc.) Second, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon last summer showed that Bush will allow Israel to do anything.

We alreay know that Bush is a criminal of world-historical proportions. He is in power as ruler of the most powerful country in the world because his handlers stole two elections, and despite having not the least legitimacy as president, he rules as if he has a decisive mandate. And then he lies the country into the most ill-advised, not to mention illegal, war it has ever started. And still he wants to pursue it, despite everyone, except for the neocons, telling him that he should face reality.

I see a pattern here. And what fits into that pattern is launching an attack on Iran, not holding back from it.

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by Alexander on Sat Jan 13th, 2007 at 04:06:08 AM EST
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