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----but also replacing all the fossil fuels used in transportation with synthetic fuels, at a net energy loss. The scale is staggering.

her we go with the 3-card trick again...

i'm not suggesting we try and conjure a way to repeat the wasteful follies of the past.


this next part is not to you, mig...

seems there are 2 kinds of people...those who wouldn't mind working outside and harder, so as to avoid nukes...

or those who want to keep the whole mad joyride going, warm in their cubicles, cancer rates through the roof, in their atomic city-on-a-hill version of now, the only change being there's less smoke in the air...

bif effing deal, if we have to have a secret police orwell-state to go along with it.

folks might think i'm advocating going back to living with the pigs downstairs, but i'm not.

they're upstairs!


running this insane topdown lunatic asylum, and ruddy badly to boot.

do you have any idea how much less sick a society we'd be if we had to work outside more?

going the nuclear way is such a cop-out to the corporations who put us in this mess in the first place, installing ecosuicidal idiocies like the suburban lifestyle, the daily commute that adds up to 10 years of your best behind the wheel serving as a guinea-pig for the modern equivalent of a slow-mo zyklon-b saturation experiment, (sorry godwin!), 2000-mile salads, astronomical military budgets, when intelligent resource management for the common weal shuffles far behind, relatively ignored.

my rants stream uselessly into cyberspace, but i think the advocates for a nuclear future, complete with their diatribes against personal heroes of mine like greenpeace, hugely underestimate the resistance to such an idea will bring, and the beefing up of an already kafkaesque police state dynamic that will willingly, extravagantly escalate to meet it.

that way be dragons, indeed,,,

we waste precious time and energy that could be used researching and promulgating longterm sustainable solutions that would conversely add to and lubricate the modern social flowering of autonomy, sharing, trust, and eventually peace, a natural peace that has the robust backup of natural renewability, not the topdown superimposition of order by force.

i agree france is somewhat anomolous, and i'm grateful for the lessening of co2...it hasn't become a police state...the cancer rates aren't higher than less nuked countries -right?

France's Superphénix, the world's largest fast-breeder, was shut down in 1987 after 20 tons of liquid sodium, which explodes on contact with air or water, leaked from the cooling drum. Because breeder reactors in France are prized for their ability to make high quality bomb material for military purposes, as well as civilian, their operation is clothed in secrecy. France has no "Freedom-of-Information Act." Information to ordinary citizens is limited to events which cannot be hidden.


where's the EU-wide oversight on this?

i find this sophie's choice between nukes and coal ridiculous and insulting to humanity's creativity....and self-respect.

when government REALLY intercedes for conservation on a massive scale, only then will i be convinced that the pols are not shills for big business, no more, no less.

and though i bow to the rational comments of jerome on this thorny subject, (and admire his very french art of diplomacy), it is deanander whose concentrated wisdom has encouraged me that i'm not alone on this blog thinking this way.

i tend to a bluesky vision, because, (probably naively, )i still have a lot of faith in humanity to figure out a way forward, whose harbinger is these very internets we're channeling our beings into, colliding into new nodes of knowledge.

unfortunately for the species, much knowledge is not yet power, whilst malevolent ignorance very much is.

put it down to kali-yuga, i guess!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Wed Jan 17th, 2007 at 02:15:23 PM EST
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