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We have only three base-load, 24/7 ways of meeting electricity demand: fossil fuels (mainly coal), hydro (a finite resource), and nuclear power.

In Europe, the countries with the lowest per capita greenhouse gas emissions are the countries getting their electricity from nuclear and hydro.  Denmark has high per capita emissions because it gets most of its electricity from burning coal.  Germany also has high per-capita emissions.

Less digging, transport, etc. for nuclear than for coal.

It takes a ton of ore to make four to six pounds of yellowcake, which, after going through enrichment and fabrication processes, becomes a pellet of uranium oxide fuel weighing .24 ounces--about seven grams.

Uranium ore is so dense that a ton of it could fit in the back of a pick up truck with room to spare.

One fuel pellet contains the same amount of energy as
*    149 gallons of oil,
*    157 gallons of regular gasoline
*    17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, or
*    1,780 pounds of coal

In terms of energy resource, a single uranium miner brings out in a single day ten thousand times more than a single coal miner in a single day.

Life cycle emissions from nuclear power are comparable to those from wind power. See

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