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No. But minus the weird ritual part it's par for the course on the fundy nationalist right represented by Nasz Dziennik and Radio Maryja

To take another example from one of their columnists, Father Jerzy Bajda:

History is bracketed by this `great war' which is waged beyond historical time between Satan and the Virgin who is the living image of the Church.[...] Man has merely been able to observe the visible aspects of thiss history, in which man, under the influence of the Evil One, chose sin, falsehood, hatred, battle, confusion, division, and war. One might even say, though one can't be certain, that all wars ever thought between nations and states are in some measure the work of Satan and fully reflect his aims.


It is horribly tragic fact that the nation which was chosen in order to serve God in the realization of His plan, has become in a large degree Satan's accomplice. Christ, revealing their sin (for they had decided to kill Him), said with the utmost clarity: "You have the devil for a father".   It was a severe judgement, but a true one, for the Jews in seeking to kill Christ, "fulfilled the aims of Satan". The hatred of Christ inspired by Satan in the leadership of the Jewish nation, immediately turned against the Church, as can be seen in the persecution of St. Stephen and then in all subsequent persecutions. They were always instigated by the Jews and fanatically carried out by them. It is for good reason that the Book of Revelations speaks of the "Synagogue of Satan".  

Seventy years ago a book was published in Warsaw which contains valuable materials about the systematic campaign of the Jews to conquer the world through both perfidious and revolutionary means.

The Great War (PDF - Polish)

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Which particular weird part did you mean?
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