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The crucial question, I believe, is do the vast majority of Somalis prefer the Islamic Courts over the so-called "legitimate government" that is backed by the UN?  Since I am not Somali, I cannot answer that question.  I have to rely on journalists' news reports, but furthermore, I need to separate the propaganda that serves non-Somali interests from the real news reports that truly are reflective of what the Somali people want.  Not an easy task (neither for me nor for you).  I tend to lend credence to reports from people like Nir Rosen:

ROBERTS: Nir Rosen, what about that? I mean Somalia is the poster child for the words "failed state." Is there any way it's ever going to be stable?

ROSEN: It was getting stable. The Islamic courts were not radical. It actually succeeded in doing something amazing for Somalis, bringing peace to Mogadishu, getting rid of the warlords, letting people be able to walk in the streets at night without getting robbed or killed and they brought stability not only to Mogadishu, but it was spreading throughout much of the country. What we have done by focusing solely on this terrorism or radical Islam aspect for our foreign policy for an entire country is actually to destabilize the country, introduce foreign troops who invaded the country who are extremely unpopular. I think this is actually a horrible situation. The Islamic courts were the answer for Somalia. They managed to unite many different clans. They managed to provide stability. They had the backing of Somalis very important business community. They had the backing of many of the original powers and we've actually destabilized Somalia by allowing the Ethiopians to do this.

ROBERTS: So you think it was better off, before the Ethiopians backing up the warlords went back in there.

ROSEN: Well I was in Mogadishu when the Islamic courts took over and there were massive celebrations throughout the entire city, because neighborhoods had been closed off. Suddenly you can go throughout the entire city. Somalis were very, very happy. There were parades. There were festivals. Businessmen who had been exiled for many years came back. There was really a sense of optimism. The one fear people had is that the Ethiopians are going to come in with backing from America and ruin all of this and bring the warlords back and bring a government in name only. It's not really government, back into Somalia and this is indeed what happens happened. Now Somalia's destabilized where there was a little bit of hope a few months ago.

There are similar reports from other respected sources.  You obviously disagree, but then you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.

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by maracatu on Sat Jan 20th, 2007 at 02:58:16 PM EST
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