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Even if they were just going after "terrorists", as Eric Margolis says:

A handful of African Al-Qaida suspects in the 1998 bombing of US Embassies in East Africa may have been in Somalia, but going to war against a sovereign nation to try to assassinate or capture a handful of suspects is like using a nuclear weapon to kill a gnat and is sure to generate more anti-US violence. Air strikes by carrier-based US F-18's and AC-130 gunships killed between 50 and 100 Somali civilians but, apparently, no al-Qaida suspects. The real aim of the US air attacks was to destroy remaining fighting units of the Islamic Courts and clear the way for the US-imposed Somali figurehead government.

I suppose by that "logic", Cuba should send its MIGs to bomb Miami or wherever Posada Carriles is located in the USA!

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by maracatu on Thu Jan 18th, 2007 at 03:48:15 PM EST
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